The HIPAA Compliance Insights Review


The very idea of being audited is a bit disturbing and intimidating, no matter where you are at with your HIPAA compliance efforts. Having OCR or the government consultants they hire come knocking at your door and start digging into your records, is nothing but stressful! Especially with the number of violations that have been levied in the U.S. and right here in our own backyard, the Twin Cities.

We have created this “HIPAA Compliance Insights Review” to help you be prepared for 2020.. One of the best ways to prepare your organization for 2020 is to go through an unofficial Insights Review to learn exactly where your deficiencies may be.

The whole Insights Review process will take about 90 minutes and will include the ten steps below:

The HIPAA Compliance Insights Review:

  • Step 1: Identifying where all your PHI resides
  • Step 2: Reviewing the required 6 annual audits/assessment
  • Step 3: Identifying the gaps you uncovered in the 6 audits?
  • Step 4: Creating remediation plans to address the gaps you uncovered?
  • Step 5: Reviewing staff training—is it done annually and proven in writing?
  • Step 6: Reviewing your Business Associates Agreements
  • Step 7: Reviewing your policies and procedures relevant to the annual HIPAA privacy, security and Breach Notification Rules
  • Step 8: Reviewing your incident response process
  • Step 9: A Cyber-Security Assessment
  • Step 10: You’ll receive a Written Insights Report you can share with management

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HIPAA Compliance is not a goal it is a process, an ongoing process. We have created this HIPAA Compliance Insights Review to help you understand exactly where you are at right now so you can create a roadmap for 2020 and beyond.

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