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Until we partnered with Imagine IT, we had no real idea if the technology projects we were investing in were working. They stepped in and help us realize that true transformation only happens if you have metrics in place to measure the results. Now every IT project we invest in has an ROI component attached.

Diane S


It was difficult to get our management and ownership team to understand how vulnerable we were ... until we got hacked. Even though we thought we were doing everything right. I reached out to Imagine IT and they introduced us to their Security Shield, and we now have a fully layered cyber security solution in place. And they helped us get back to normal after the hack.

Justin F

IT Manager

Before we partnered with Imagine IT we had a very outdated infrastructure, our tech issues were often handled poorly, and our cyber security was questionable at best. I am much more comfortable knowing Imagine IT now has our back!

Barb W.


Before we partnered with Imagine IT the IT Support we received was always hit and miss. Now our issues are resolved quickly, and more importantly, my team reports that your support team listens, doesn't talk over them, and knows there issue will be resolved the first time. My entire company relies on your team, and insights to help us through this difficult time.

Derek P

V.P. of Operations