Digital Transformation For SMB Manufacturers

Leveraging your IT & technology to be cyber-secure, attract & retain great people, be agile and lean and to future proof your company!

Do you struggle with any of these IT & technology issues?

Unresponsive IT Support?


Attracting & retaining top talent

Your technology roadmap

BYOD (Bring-your-own-device)

Future-proofing your technology

Compliance & regulations

Cloud computing

Understanding the “digital transformation” in manufacturing

The term “digital transformation” accurately describes what is happening in the manufacturing industry right now. Some companies are maximizing this transformation and are becoming energized and more profitable. Others are merely reacting to the changes and struggling to keep up!


Digital Transformation

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Leveraging Technology to Attract & Retain Top Talent in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is experiencing a significant workforce shortage. With the unemployment rate hitting a 50-year low of 3.6%, every sector in the U.S. is struggling, and small to medium-sized manufacturers have been hit hardest.

The 3 main reasons why manufacturing is facing a workforce crisis….

1. Baby Boomers are retiring

2. Millennials are not flocking to manufacturing

3.The digital and technology transformation within manufacturing

How do you deal with this workforce crisis? The answer lies in fully embracing the digital and technology transformation happening within manufacturing. Leveraging the right technology levels the playing field with national and global enterprise manufacturers.

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Manufacturing’s Biggest Challenges

Manufacturers of all sizes are dealing with new and challenging technology issues. What are the “right” solutions? How to attract and retain the best talent? How to modernize processes and procedures to compete in today’s global economy.

One of the best ways to navigate this transformation is to understand the critical issues affecting manufacturing and how tech is helping to resolve them!

A great place to start is with the links below.

Discover how Imagine IT has helped manufacturers in the Twin Cities future-proof their technology

Many manufacturers struggle with technology. Cost and budget constraints, implementation strategies, blending the new with the old and building a skilled team to manage and operate these new systems are extremely challenging. We help our partners mitigate these difficulties.

We have helped manage the evolution of technology in manufacturing for over 20 years. We design strategic plans that maximize this digital transformation and provide a competitive advantage in the industry.It is critical with this digital transformation in manufacturing to have an IT and technology support company that truly understands your challenges!

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Imagine IT has been working with SMB manufacturers here in the Twin Cities for over 20 years. They are one of the largest IT and technology support companies in the Twin Cities, but take great pride in keeping that close-connection with their manufacturing partners.

They offer a service that they call “Big Team/Small-Ball” giving you a dedicated technology team that knows your business…but more importantly, you’ll know them!

Imagine IT is a relationship-based company and they have created strong and lasting connections with their Twin City manufacturing client/partners. They offer very fast and professional services with over 98% of service calls answered by an live Imagine IT team member.

They employ mature technicians with expertise and experience in understanding the business needs of technology. Also, our technicians are keenly aware of how important being “approachable” and talking in a language our clients can easily understand.

Imagine IT’s 4 Top differentiators include:

1) Focus on support/quality over sales-most Managed Services Providers have a 15-1 support versus sales, Imagine IT has a ratio of 5:1

2) Importance of Culture and Team-Culture is just something you can’t fake, Imagine IT has won state, regional and national awards for their culture initiatives

3) Month-to-month contracts They believe loyalty is earned, not forced with a three-year contract. Be wary of any company that requires long-term contracts!

4) The Shield (Cybersecurity) Most companies have a list of cybersecurity concerns and projects that will be completed in the “future”. We consider this similar to locking the front door of your house and not the back door.