Managed Services Requirements and Exclusions


Partner Requirements.

The PARTNER is required to have a “Certified Network”, which includes the following:

  • Partner is required to sign up for ACH payments and prepay for each month of service.
  • A designated PARTNER employee should be assigned as the main contact for communicating with IMAGINE IT.
  • A designated employee should perform due diligence in resolving issues before requesting support.
  • Quality CAT5e or higher network cable must be in place.
  • Reliable Broadband Internet Connection (Fiber, Cable, T1, DSL).
  • Old, instable, or inefficient computers will not be supported.
  • Traditional Servers must have:
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or newer.
    • Approved backup system which includes disk-imaging.
    • Server must have a RAID system and a quality UPS.
  • Traditional Desktops/Laptops must have:
    • Microsoft Windows 7 Pro or newer / Mac / Chromebook.
    • No personal firewall apps allowed (interferes with monitoring software).
    • Approved Desktop Backup system for critical Desktops requiring Backup services.
    • All computers must be powered on overnight if possible.
    • If computers are purchased from a 3rd party, they must be drop-shipped to Imagine IT for staging.
  • If computers and tablets are not purchased from Imagine IT they must be delivered to the Imagine IT office at the customer’s expense so that Imagine IT can perform staging. Drop ship if possible.
  • Approved Anti-Malware subscription.
  • Properly configured hardware Firewall (no proxy servers allowed).
  • Tightly configured Wireless (preferably using RADIUS).
  • Hosted Anti-Spam subscription.
  • Internet Content Filtering.
  • If local Exchange server, an authorized SSL Certificate.
  • Strong Password Policy. Two-factor authentication for remote users is preferred.
  • A new user/workstation setup document.
  • Remote Access Ports must be changed to non-standard ports.
  • Software licensing must be kept legal across all applications and systems.
  • Time and Materials will be billed separately for any work performed to get the network to a “Certified” status.

Excluded Items.

The below-listed items are excluded from all SAFEZone™ Managed Services programs:


  • Support for equipment that is not the property of the PARTNER or IMAGINE IT.
  • Support for operating systems not supported by the manufacturer (e.g., Windows Vista or older) or operating systems created for “Home-Use”, or Linux.
  • Support for hardware or software that is no longer supported by the manufacturer.
  • Support for personal user software (privacy VPN, file sync/share, etc...).
  • Custom software, report development or repair (e.g., SharePoint, Crystal Reports, SQL, Access, etc…).
  • Manufacturer support incidents (the vendor cost, if any, gets billed to the PARTNER).
  • Direct support for phone systems. We will provide advice to the phone vendor when called upon.
  • Disposal of computers, monitors, UPS’ or other hardware, or wiping of the hard drives (performed by a 3rd party).
  • Repair of out-of-warranty computers.
  • Repair of printer, fax or copier, or related consumable costs.
  • Repair of laptops, thin-clients, SmartPhones, Tablets, Chromebooks, or similar devices. These need to be sent into the manufacturer or replaced.
  • Merchandise purchases (e.g., hardware, software, licenses).
  • Operating system upgrades. A new computer must be purchased instead.
  • Hard drive upgrades and related system reinstalls.
  • Reimaging of computer systems.
  • Test restores of entire servers, or disaster recovery failover testing.
  • New software rollouts, department wide, of applications that did not previously exist.
  • Network cable installation (must be performed by a certified low-voltage electrician).
  • Audio / Video deployments and troubleshooting.
  • Mounting of TV's.

Disaster Recovery & Legal Events

  • Work related to migrating data from backup to new arrays.
  • Work related to deploying and retiring loaner servers.
  • Work related to fire, flood, storms, theft or vandalism.
  • Investigation or remediation of malware, phishing, or breaches.
  • Work related to mergers/acquisitions, or switching to another IT firm.
  • Work related to legal forensics, preparation, and the associated data retrieval.
  • Any work related to an incident that is covered by the customer's insurance.
  • Assistance with compliance or software licensing audit assistance, reporting and remediation (e.g., Microsoft, HIPAA, FERPA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, etc…).


  • Residential visits.
  • Group level training sessions.
  • Excessive meetings at the PARTNER’s request.
  • Unapproved PARTNER issues / self-inflicted problems / employee vandalism.
  • Work related to issues caused by 3rd parties, like LOB, ISP, telecom, telephony, utility, construction, electricians, plumbers, movers, consultants, etc....
  • Support for customer specific applications: accounting, payroll, CAD, graphics apps, contact management, personal firewall apps, email archiving. PARTNER must utilize manufacturer support agreements. We can install upgrades for QuickBooks and Peachtree, but cannot support them.
  • Website or application development.

Projects (are excluded from the SAFEZone "PRO" program, but are generally included with the SAFEZone "PLUS" program).  Excluded from "PRO are:

  • Project Pre-Sales Engineering / discovery / due-diligence.
  • Adds/removes/moves/changes are quoted and billed out-of-scope.
  • New server or virtual server installations and migrations.
  • Server/SAN/NAS/Cloud storage upgrades and migrations.
  • Data migrations to different volumes.
  • Exchange Server or SQL Server installation or upgrades.
  • Cloud migration assistance for existing applications or servers.
  • New Backup systems, or backup system upgrades/downgrades.
  • New Email systems, switching Email providers, or moving Email into the Cloud.
  • New SPAM filtering service setup or switching providers.
  • Switching brands of Antivirus software unless initiated by IMAGINE IT.
  • Large workstation replacement or reimaging projects.
  • Firewall deployments.
  • WiFi Access Point deployments.
  • VLAN or other Managed Switch projects.
  • Remote Access initiatives.
  • Security improvements.
  • Office moves / expansions, and the investigation and planning of new sites.
  • Office rearrangement projects or moving users to different cubicles, branch offices or divisions.

Please contact your Account Manager with any questions.