What’s Happening With The Manufacturing Workforce?

There are many forces at work that are negatively affecting the manufacturing workforce. It begins with the fact that unemployment in the U.S. is at a 10-year low, hitting just under 4% for the first time.

And even though unemployment is not helping your efforts, the two most significant causes of the workforce dilemma in manufacturing is that Baby Boomers are retiring at record levels every day and the digital and technology transformation that manufacturing is going through. If you do not address and focus on these two issues, your future is going to be questionable.


Three of the biggest causes of worker shortages in manufacturing

  1. The aging workforce
  2. Millennials and their disinterest
  3. The skills gap

As technology plays an increasing role in the SMB manufacturing processes, and as baby-boomers retire, and Millennials aren't drawn to manufacturing, the challenge to attract and retain top talent becomes increasingly difficult.

What is the answer? What will make you competitive?

Embrace technology! Take the lead in this technology transformation in manufacturing to solidify your place in the market, to attract top talent, to grow your company, and to give your customers what they want and expect!

Technology in the workforce is a game-changer

A digital and technology transformation is happening in every industry in the world, and no industry is more affected by these technological advancements than manufacturing … mainly small to medium-sized producers.

The ongoing innovations within manufacturing include the Internet, mobile devices, cloud computing, cybersecurity, IoT, and some incredible online collaboration tools. But along with this technology transformation, comes challenges affecting the workforce.

You have challenges on both ends of the workforce. The Baby Boomers have been doing things the same way for a long time, and many have trouble with this technology revolution. On the other end are the Millennials that are the first truly connected generation, and technology is how they connect with the world.

Bringing these two age segments together is your biggest challenge.

But there are answers!

And although this technology revolution is a boom to SMB manufacturing, at the same time, these new technologies require a modern skilled workforce to leverage them properly. Skilled workers are in high demand, and creating a technology culture within your organization will be a must!

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