The 4 Most Common Mistakes Manufacturers Make When Attracting and Retaining Talent … especially Millennials

Attracting and retaining top talent is always challenging, even more so with Millennials. To help your efforts, we have identified the four biggest mistakes manufacturers make when hiring their workforce.

1. Focusing on just compensation

Research in the manufacturing industry confirms that Millennials do not feel salary is the most critical factor when choosing or staying with a company. Millennials think that good benefits outweigh pay raises, and this includes benefits that are technology-related. And yes, they care about health-benefits and raises, but more important to them is offering a flexible schedule, vacation time, and remote work opportunities.


2. Failing to show Millennials a career path

Yes, this generation changes jobs more often than any other workforce in the history of America. But Millennials and all manufacturing workers want to believe they have room to grow, and spelling that out is critical to them when choosing an employer.

3. Letting company culture take a back seat

We discussed company culture earlier, and we'll reiterate it here. Both your overall and your technology culture will be why this new workforce will gravitate to your company. It is critical that you not only tell them what your culture is, but they have to experience it daily. One walk around your company should demonstrate what type of culture you genuinely have. It cannot be faked!

4. Choosing benefits that YOU think workers want

Many manufacturers mistakenly think they know what their people want, instead of asking them. Millennials are like any other generation; they have different likes and dislikes, just like your Baby Boomers. Your people may not want 'free pizza' every Friday, or a keg of beer once a week. They may wish to daycare, flexible work hours, team events, or charitable options. You can take one thing to the bank; they all expect technology to be a big part of their enjoyment!

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