Creating a Technology Culture

For small to medium-sized manufacturers, one of the biggest challenges is staying relevant to the next generation of workers, which in a couple of years will be made up of 75% Millennials. Making your technology culture a critical differentiator for this new Millennial workforce will take a focused effort.

So the question is, how do you create a fully vibrant and real technology culture where your best people are engaged and inspired to not only perform their best, but to do it together?


It Begins with A Connected Workplace. While this digital transformation includes many different parts, most are characterized by the use of 'connected devices.' These connected devices can generate new data, provide a clear picture of your floor processes and machine performances. They can simplify and enable communication between humans and machines and give new tools to workers to allow them to be more efficient and effective.

Follow these four steps to help create your culture

  1. You need to personally embrace the culture: It begins with you!
  2. Get them involved: Ask them to be part of the solution.
  3. Share the results: Acknowledge, reward, and announce successes, [and failures]!
  4. Create a story: What's your story? If you don't know, who does?

Technology is critical, but people will be the reason for your Success, and it all begins with your culture
… and it can't be faked!

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