A New Phenomenon: Digital Natives & Reverse Mentoring

Digital Twins

As the manufacturing workforce evolves, the experience and expectations of the workers are dramatically changing. A large number of Millennials joining the workforce are well-versed in the cloud and online technologies … and they expect to use these technologies as part of their daily work.

And if they can't find that at your company, they'll find one that does!


These tech-savvy new-hires, known as "Digital Natives," will stick together in an organization and create two distinct types of workers; those who use digital and connected technologies and those who don't! As an SMB manufacturer, it is something you need to be prepared for, and if handled correctly, will create something not seen in the workforce - reverse mentoring.

For the first time in the workforce, the new generation will mentor the old!

Reverse mentoring

When your workers are separated into Digital Natives and non-Digital Natives, your organization can employ "reverse mentoring." Your new generation of workers will be able to help and train the previous generation in all of the online and connected tools needed during this digital transformation. These tools will include the Internet, social media, cloud collaboration tools, mobile devices, IoT, and other technologies to help unify the entire workforce!

But reverse mentoring extends beyond just sharing technical knowledge to the older generation. Reverse mentoring also focuses on senior executives and how they handle strategic issues, leadership, and overall mindset when they approach their duties.

The 4 main benefits of reverse mentoring are…

  1. Increasing retention of Millennials
  2. Sharing of digital skills
  3. Driving technology culture change
  4. Promoting diversity

And it's the Millennial mentors that you need to trust to help drive the program. They will do this by sharing best practices, and will help you select the right people to make it work!

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