How to white label the ITCq on your website


  1. Log into
  2. Go to the Consultative Sales module:
  3. If you have not already, add the company with the Add Company button
  4. Once you have created the company, click Launch New Survey
  5. Select ITCq2 or ITCq2 Light depending on the size of the company who will be completing it. (ITCq2 Light is generally better for companies <40 seats)
  6. Name the Survey in the Title field
  7. Select a contact. (if you’re not emailing the survey, you can use any contact)
  8. Click Save
  9. Now you have a Unique URL field - you’ll need the survey=UID later. Ex:


  1. Click Close
  2. Click on your name in the menu at the top right corner of the site and select My Company


  1. Click on Pages


  1. Click the Add button
  2. Give you landing page a name and copy the URL into the URL field.
  3. You can edit the welcome page, instructions and thank you page here.


  1. Click OK
  2. Next you need to embed the script into the body of your landing page. You can also edit the look of the button using parameters at the end of the src tag.


  1. Now you’re landing page is ready!
    But we’re not quite done yet. The button will not trigger the survey without the UID of the survey you created being appended to the landing page url like this: