The HIPAA Security Shield

HIPAA Compliance in the Twin Cities

Your healthcare organization is continuously under pressure to offer new and innovative products and services while maintaining your HIPAA compliance, but your efforts to do so are more complicated than in the past because most of the desired new innovations and services involve technology.

At Imagine IT we realize you are required to ensure that all patient information and data is handled according to HIPAA guidelines. We also understand the sensitivities of your professional situation, and we regard our HIPAA compliance responsibilities with our healthcare partners very seriously.

As a Business Associate to many healthcare clients/partners here in the Twin Cities, we've created The HIPAA Security Shield to help you achieve and maintain constant HIPAA compliance.

The HIPAA Security Shield includes two very distinct and critical elements:

  1. A Web-based HIPAA Compliance Platform
  2. A HIPAA Compliant Technology Partner

1. Web-Based HIPAA Platform-Compliance as a Service (CAAS)

We offer Compliance as a Service (CAAS), which is a web-based platform your entire organization can use to maintain strict HIPAA compliance. This platform will completely simplify your compliance efforts so you can focus on your patients and your core business. CAAS is composed of three distinct parts:

Achieve Compliance: You have your own compliance coach who will guide you through the entire process with five to eight 30-minute sessions, and about two hours of work between each session.

Illustrate Compliance: This segment includes all the reports you will ever need, plus a full audit response system, and you will receive a “seal of compliance” when you complete the course.

Maintain Compliance: We will help you maintain a culture of compliance so you remain confident your organization stays compliant, and you will be able to document and prove your “good faith" efforts!

You will have a Compliancy Coach that guides you through the entire process!

One of the critical aspects of a successful compliance program is engaging your employees in the HIPAA policies, procedure and training...and you’ll have a coach to guide you with this, ensuring that your employees know what to do and how to do it!

The HIPAA Security Shield includes seven important elements:

  1. Six audits that address the details of your organization's administrative, security risk assessments, and privacy issues
  2. Remediation plans that bring your organization fully into compliance
  3. Policies, procedures and training for all HIPAA-regulated employees
  4. Document version, employee attestation and tracking to guarantee compliance
  5. Business Associate management so there are no loose ends
  6. Incident management so you know exactly what to do if there is a breach
  7. Technology lockdown and breach monitoring to help you stabilize your situation quickly

This program also includes all the reports you will ever need to provide evidence your organization is thoroughly following the HIPAA compliance guidelines.

2. A HIPAA Compliant Technology Partner

With the dramatic changes in technology and the digital transformation happening in healthcare, having an experienced technology and Business Solutions Provider who is experienced in healthcare and can help you and guide you through the HIPAA security process is invaluable.

Imagine IT and its 40-person technology company has been working with healthcare organizations for 25 years, ensuring compliance and client satisfaction.
The Web-based platform we offer is critical to our client/partners' compliance efforts and success, and also secures your network for both HIPAA and cyber-security requirements.

Technology and the HIPAA Security Shield

Imagine IT uses a combination of technologies and procedures that monitor suspicious activity with recurring scans, investigation, and frequent user training. The Shield is designed to satisfy the five key areas of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

The HIPAA Security Shield covers the three main demands of HIPAA:

  • All Protected Health Information (PHI) is encrypted both at rest and in transit.
  • All medical professionals authorized to access and communicate PHI must have a “unique user identifier” so their use of PHI can be monitored.
  • All technology complies with HIPAA and has an automatic log-off to prevent unauthorized access to PHI when a mobile device or computer is left unattended.

Recurring Protections Covered by The HIPAA Security Shield

Continuous Protection:

  • Intrusion Detection System,
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Advanced Endpoint Threat Protection
  • Monitoring of Office 365/Google Suite suspicious activity
  • Recurring Email phishing campaign
  • Recurring Online Security Training
  • Sizable Security R&D
  • Monthly External Vulnerability Scanning

One-Time Shield Deployments:

  • Email Advanced Threat Protection
  • Phone/Tablet Inactivity Screen Lock
  • Email Two-Factor Authentication
  • Suspicious country blocking for email
  • Suspicious country blocking for firewalls
  • Spoofing Email Lockdown
  • Tightening SPF/DKIM/DMARC records
  • Enabling an “External Sender” banner
  • Active Directory user cleanup
  • Long Password Policy
  • WiFi Lockdown
  • Set-up VLAN for the Guest WiFi and join cell phones to the system
  • Computer Inactivity Screen Lock
  • Internet Domain Private Registration

We understand the frustrations of HIPAA compliance as well as the security measures it takes to keep you compliant and secure! Call us today and start a conversation that gives you the compliance you need!

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