HIPAA Compliance Solutions

HIPAA compliance was enacted for several important reasons, but the main reason is for the protection of your patients' PHI (Protected Health Information). This is especially important, given the current security issues affecting healthcare today.

HIPAA compliance is a very gray law

There really is no such thing as being HIPAA compliant, and there is no certification from the government proving you're compliant, but there is a seal of compliance available from a third a party that's recognized as a leader in the industry.

HIPAA compliance means following a set of best practices and demonstrating to HIPAA enforcers that you have made a “good faith effort” with working toward and achieving compliance.

Ignorance is not an acceptable defense!

Saying you didn’t know a certain rule, or not knowing your billing company wasn’t compliant, or being unaware that you are expected to conduct compliance training are not acceptable responses. You absolutely must follow all the guidelines and prove you have followed them, or you will be subject to expensive HIPAA fines!

HIPAA compliance has changed drastically over the past several years, especially with the addition of medically valuable technology such as the Cloud, WiFi, mobile devices, and IOT. Healthcare is the #1 industry in the U.S. that's subject to hacking and cyber attacks! How are you handling this major security issue in your organization?

In 2017, 88% of all ransomware attacks were on the healthcare industry!

In 2018, there were over $28 million In HIPAA fines, and this very real danger doesn’t just happen in other cities... It happens right here, right in our local area!

Two years ago, in 2017, there were just six Twin Cities healthcare organizations placed on the HIPAA Wall of Shame...
In the first five months of 2019 there have been over 12 in our region!

This is certainly a trend you DON'T want to see!

Our goal with understanding and being in compliance with HIPAA is to help you by breaking down these mountains of information and walking you through some of the biggest issues, questions, concerns and insights, so you have a clear understanding of your responsibilities and know how to meet compliance.

Most importantly, we introduce you to The HIPAA Security Shield, which is Imagine IT’s HIPAA and Cybersecurity Solution.

A great place to get started today is with some of the links below … or click here to contact us now so we can have a conversation that takes the impending noose off your neck!

  • Are You HIPAA Compliant?
  • This, of course, is the million-dollar question for anyone responsible for HIPAA. Here you’ll learn some important insights regarding the “The 7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program!” This is a great place for you to begin finding out if there are any gaps in your efforts.
  • Business Associates...Are They HIPAA Compliant?...Are You Sure?
  • In 2013 the Omnibus Rule was passed into law requiring you to have a written agreement with every one of your Business Associates, and, of course, they need to be HIPAA compliant. It also removed the liability from you if they are not HIPAA compliant. Even so, you are still are responsible for them in many ways. Here's where you’ll get more insight on Business Associates and their compliance requirements!
  • A Peak behind “The HIPAA Wall of Shame”
  • Officially known as the HHS Breach Portal but known as “The Wall of Shame”, this is where you do NOT want to wind up! When a breach occurs of more than 500 individuals, the name of the organization is postet on this list, available for the world to see. There are currently 12 Twin Cities' companies displayed on the list in just the first five months of 2019. Click above to learn more about this infamous wall and how to avoid being on it!
  • Cybersecurity and HIPAA
  • One of the biggest myths with HIPAA is that if you have a good cyber-security plan, you are HIPAA compliant. This is imagined to work the other way as well, because people falsely believe if they are HIPAA compliant, their network is totally secure...but this is not true! Here you will learn a few insights about HIPAA and cyber-security.
  • The 10 Biggest HIPAA Mistakes
  • Are you making any of these critical HIPAA mistakes? Hint: The chances are 90% that you are non-compliant with at least a few of these serious errors! Check it out!
  • The HIPAA Security Shield...HIPAA Compliance in the Twin Cities...Done Right!
  • The HIPAA Security Shield includes two very distinct and critical elements

    We offer HIPAA compliance as a service (CAAS), which is a web-based platform that your entire organization can safely use to maintain HIPAA security. This platform will simplify your compliance requirements and responsibilities so you can focus on your patients and core business.

    The HIPAA Security Shield covers the three main Requirements of HIPAA

    1. All Protected Health Information (PHI) is encrypted both at rest and in transit
    2. All medical professionals authorized to access and communicate PHI have a “unique user identifier” so their use of PHI can be monitored
    3. All technology using HIPAA-related files has an automatic log-off to prevent unauthorized access to PHI, such as when a mobile device or computer is left unattended

Imagine IT uses a combination of technologies and processes that monitor suspicious activity, and entails recurring scans, investigation, and frequent user training. The HIPAA Security Shield is designed around to ensure compliance with the five key areas of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): Cybersecurity Framework, Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

Imagine IT is one of the top IT and Business Solutions Providers in the Twin Cities. Our popular and proven HIPAA Security Shield solution, combined with our experienced and expertly trained technicians, will keep you and your organization HIPAA-protected. Contact us today for a conversation.

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