Employee Spotlight – Pete Pfutzenreuter

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This month’s Employee Spotlight has landed on Account Manager Pete Pfutzenreuter (pronounced FOOT-zen-rooter – but he doesn’t get upset if people mispronounce it!)

Pete started with Imagine IT on June 1, 2021 – his previous place of employment was also an IT managed services provider, so he cames to us with lots of experience and industry knowledge.

Pete and his lovely wife Alyssa have 2 children – Adelyn, aged 8, and Alex, aged 6.  When I commented on him being the only non-A name in the house, Pete confessed that he and his wife used to discuss baby names on long car rides, and would get bored in the As.  Aside from spending time with the family, Pete loves to play video games (his favorite is FIFA) and participate in team sports (softball/volleyball).

Pete’s favorite thing about being an Imagine IT Account Manager is the day-to-day aspect – he loves talking to people about technology.  He also commented that despite the negative bumps that happen in everyone’s day, he has noticed an overwhelmingly positive environment at Imagine IT – he loves the culture here – his life has improved by being a part of it.

Right back atcha, Pete – we love having you here!



Food – Linguini with clam sauce;  Tater Tot Hotdish (yes, he’s clearly a born-and-raised Minnesota boy!)

Artist – Prince

Movie Genre – Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic Movies – anything where Humanity is doomed