Email Marketing starts with your list – and if you don’t have one, you will need to build it!

Bottom line – if you don’t have the Email addresses of hundreds or thousands of quality prospects who you want to share your products or services to … you can’t send them an Email. In some rare cases, you might be able to purchase a list of email addresses for the prospects that you want to contact … but this is rare, and generally a “purchased” list is ineffective.

So if you don’t have a list, you will need to build one. Unfortunately, this will not happen overnight. If you are in a position where you need immediate results and you do not have a great list at your fingertips, you need to look at another method to quickly attract customers to your site. Methods like Direct Mail, Telemarketing and Pay-Per-Click advertising will allow you to rapidly get out to your prospects. Building a very effective list is not difficult to do, but it takes some time … and once you have it, you have an incredible sales tool that will allow you to “touch” these prospects in a consistent and very affordable method for marketing your product or service.

Everyone in Your Company Needs To Pitch In

The first step in building your list is making it a priority for everyone in your company. Think about it, if one year ago you gave a speech to all of the employees at your company and you asked every employee to start to collect the Email addresses of people or businesses who could use your product or service … how many Email addresses would you have right now … 500 … 2,000 … 5,000? Whatever the number, you would have a large list of great prospects and you would now be in a position where you could send them all a compelling Email … for virtually no cost.

The Email That You Send Needs To Hit Your Prospect’s Hot Buttons

The simple fact is this: Everyone who works in an office gets a lot of email every day … and what this means is this: if your Email looks like every other Email and does not INTERRUPT their Email world … your message will never be read. The Email that you send needs to specifically address issues and concerns that your prospect is likely to face. Topics that directly touch on your prospect’s emotions are called Hot Buttons and need to be a strong theme throughout your message. If your Email does not touch on these “hot emotional buttons” it will be quickly deleted and never read.

5 Reasons to Implement an Email Marketing Campaign…Today!

  • 1. Email Marketing is Affordable!
  • Email marketing creates a level playing field for small and large businesses. You can control your budget day-to-day, and not have to commit to a large long-term budget.
  • 2. Email Marketing can produce immediate results!
  • Once you have a solid list, the setup, research and implementation of your Email campaign can be done in a matter of days. And with well written Email, you can expect results in a matter of weeks – sometimes days.
  • 3. Your Email Marketing focuses on a Specific Audience!
  • You should only send Email to those prospects who you have targeted as you have collected and built your Email list. Everyone who receives your Email is pre-qualified before they ever open and read your message.
  • 4. It is Easy to Test the Effectiveness of your Email Campaign!
  • If you are asking your prospects to call a specific telephone number for more information, you will be able to tell within a few hours after you send your Email if it successful or not … because the phone will ring or it won’t. If you have invited prospects to visit your website, you will be able to determine if the Email drove prospects to the website … and if you just wanted them to sign up for your newsletter, you will be able to tell that also. Most importantly, you will be able to determine this very quickly so you will be able to modify your Email prior to sending out the next one.
  • 5. You Can Track Your Email Campaign in Real-Time
  • Your Email marketing campaign will happen (almost) immediately. Research has shown that 82% of the action taken following the receipt of an Email will happen within 24 hours. If someone receives your email and they are not interested, they will either delete the Email or they will ignore it and delete it days later as they clean their Inbox.
  • If your Email is compelling and triggers a reaction from your prospect, they will act upon it immediately or they will act on the Email when they return to the office, get off the phone or return to their desk after their meeting.

Can I do Email Marketing by myself?

Yes. Just like you could roof your own house, re-build your car engine, or build your own computer network for your business. You could do it, but do you have the time or expertise to pull it off? Obviously there is more to writing a compelling Email than just calling your buddy asking them for a hot button. If that was possible, everyone would be doing it.

Creating a successful Email Marketing campaign could mean the difference between lots of new customers or lots of wasted time and effort. Email Marketing campaigns need to be planned and monitored each and every time they are launched. And remember it’s not just a list that gets a response from an Email … the message needs to be clear and compelling and needs to trigger a response by touching on the prospect’s emotions. A well written email can generate leads that far outweigh the cost of managing the campaign.

Isn’t writing and managing an “effective” Email Campaign prohibitively time consuming?

The answer is surprisingly no! Of course it depends on the industry you are in, the list that you have developed and the effectiveness of your Hot Buttons. But we’ve found that Email Marketing can be tremendously effective.

A question to consider is – How much are you spending on each of your leads right now? Are you spending your marketing dollars on Yellow Pages, newspaper, radio, TV or direct marketing? If you are, then you will be happy to know that Email Marketing can dramatically reduce your lead costs.