Digital Maturity Assessment

Technology is the thread that connects your company to your
customers, each other, partners, suppliers, and the entire community.

There is not one piece of your company that is not affected by technology.

Do you view your investment in technology as a strategic asset, or do you see it as a cost/expense of doing business?  What metrics
are you using to evaluate whether your technology is indeed just a liability or a strategic asset?

Do your digital technology investments link directly to your business strategies?

How do you measure your technology’s impact?

Do you know the true impact of your investment in technology?  Are you able to determine what technology projects affect what areas
within your company?  Can you put a number on it, as you do with your financials? (EBITDA)

Companies need to take stock of their current technology position and identify a roadmap of initiatives that match their business
strategies to achieve their desired goals.

The Digital Maturity Assessment


A Digital Maturity number can give you a sense of where you are at in utilizing your strategic technology assets.

A Digital Maturity Assessment asks specific questions in the areas of people, processes, platforms, strategy, applications, information, and risk to provide you with a quantifiable number based on your current environment.

A Digital Maturity scorecard will be created after the Assessment. You will receive your current Digitally Maturity score in these 7 :

  1. People
  2. Processes
  3. Platforms
  4. Digital Strategy
  5. Applications
  6. Data (Information)
  7. Risk (Cybersecurity)

Following the Assessment, you will receive a quantifiable digital maturity number that you can use to measure, plan, and strategize for the future.

Who should be involved?

Anyone with the organization that is responsible for IT or approving IT direction and expenditures

How do you know what components need to be addressed?

The Digital Maturity Assessment will provide you with an overall Digital Maturity and operations score based on a series of one hundred questions.

Results of The Assessment

The Assessment will provide digital maturity scores that will identify areas of improvement to help you create a “digital roadmap” that aligns with  your company’s strategic vision.

How long does it take?

It takes between 60-75 minutes

How much does it cost?

There is no charge, just the commitment of following through with the entire Assessment and reviewing the results.

The Digital Maturity Assessment is a way to release major potential in your company. Your results will be analyzed and discussed with a Digital
Transformation expert from Imagine IT, who will provide you with specific and customizable recommendations for your company.


If you are not quite ready to register and would like more information about the Digital Maturity Assessment or further discuss your
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