Covid has changed IT…Forever!

As the COVID-19 threat recedes, things with IT and technology will never be the same. 

CIO Magazine recently talked about how the pandemic struck the world like a tsunami and fundamentally changed IT operations and processes.  Covid is still challenging organizations to re-think their IT.  As the virus threat recedes, organizations are experiencing a radically transformed IT landscape and are wondering how essential operations and practices will fit within the new business environment.

Drones are annoying and super cool!

Sooooo Annoying!
You are walking along the beach listening to the waves and feeling the sand beneath your toes.  Peace and tranquility surround you…and then you hear the “zzzzzeeeeeeeeeee“ from someone’s drone whistling above you.  Good grief … incredibly annoying!  And likely to get a lot worse before there are some rules/laws that govern where drone enthusiasts are allowed to invade public/private space.