Employee Spotlight – Tim

This month’s Employee Spotlight shines on our most senior tenured employee (excluding Ownership!).  Tim Jenni, our Solutions Engineer, began his career with Imagine IT (Duralogic) back in 1/1/2006.  Since then, both Imagine IT and Tim’s lives have changed quite a bit!!!  Duralogic merged with Next Level Café to become Imagine IT in June 2012 and they moved offices from St. Paul’s Grand Ave to Metro Drive and then to Killebrew Drive in Bloomington.

7 Ways to Foster Innovation in Your Company

Innovation is at the heart of any successful business. Companies in the long-tail game are adaptable. They are in tune with the changing needs and desires of their customers and are willing to fail along the road to successful innovation. Businesses can foster a culture of innovation in several ways:
Demonstrate leadership qualities 
When business founders, owners and CEOs are positive, passionate about the work they do and are motivated to work towards their vision for the future of their company, they foster a culture that is open to change and innovation.

How Imagine IT’s Culture Drives Customer Solutions

According to a 2017 Forbes article, 8 Ways Company Culture Drives Performance, “culture is your chance to tell customers what makes you tick, what you care about and the degree to which you’re concerned with improving the world around you.” At Imagine IT, we talk a lot about our culture and are deliberate about investing in it.