The 4 technology moves to consider during this crisis

Regardless of how this current crisis unfolds and what the real recovery curve looks like, one thing is certain: small to medium-sized businesses must make some big moves if they want a better -- or any -- future!

The 4 technology moves to consider

Embracing a digital transformation

Before this Coronavirus pandemic hit, digital was on the agenda; now it is the agenda! Many manufacturers have digital initiatives underway, but now is the time to move from testing the waters to real business impacts.

Employee Spotlight – Milo

Milo has been part of the Imagine IT family for nearly 5 years!  He hardly needs an introduction, but we could not help but gush more about everything Milo!

He grew up in Montana and graduated from Montana State University.

Employee Spotlight – Donavan

This month we’re going to introduce you to Donavan on our Service Desk team!  Donavan has been with us nearly a year so you may have already had the pleasure of speaking to him on the phone!  He’s calm, cool and collected and our partners have been raving about him.

Employee Spotlight – Graham

We would like to introduce you to Graham! He’s been in our family since 2015. Graham is that youngster who is smart as a whip and can dance circles around many of us with his mad techno skills. It reminds me when our parents asked us to help them set the VCR to record Jeopardy for the umpteenth time and we rolled our eyes but politely obliged…except now we’re the old people asking youngsters like Graham how to get something to work right on our mobile devices.

Employee Spotlight – Nate

Many of you have probably met Nate…and if you haven’t… we feel bad for you! Nate is one of those awesome guys you want on your team. Nate has been with us for many years but started out at this cute little tech shop in Northfield, MN that we acquired.

T5 Values: Truth

Happ(i)ness is often a topic in our personal lives but much less so in our professional lives. At Imagine IT, we believe that happ(i)ness is within reach for everyone working within a business. Our “Why Statement” – the reason that we get up in the morning – is: To expand the circle of happ(i)ness into the world.

Employee Spotlight – Andrew J.


If you’ve called the Service Desk in recent years, I’m sure you’ve crossed paths with Andrew J. He’s been with us since 2017 and kickin’ butt since day one. Currently, he’s one of the Service Desk Escalation Jedi Masters and more recently moonlighting on the Project Team lending them a hand.

HR Collaboration Circle: Re-Entry to our Workplace

Phase NEXT: Re-Entry to our Workplace

What are the swirl of thoughts that are racing through your mind these days? Amidst the turmoil of our current circumstances are you, like me, thinking about how can we honor what was prior to the coronavirus, while appreciating what is happening today, alongside starting to plan for what's next?

Join with me, and guest speakers, Claire Rabon of SkyWater Search and Ruthie Barnett, of Persolvent, us as we share ideas on re-engaging our employees back into our workplace environments.

Our next Finance Collaboration event!

Our next Finance Collaboration event will be a virtual event on Thursday, May 21st from 9:00 am - 11:00 am.

We would love to have you join us! Our session will be facilitated by Rich Anderson and the topics will be open for you to decide. What are your most pressing issues and/or concerns during these uncertain times? What have you been struggling with most in your role at your company? Whatever you would like to discuss, we would like to hear about it!

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