Does Your Critical Business Data Walk Out Of Your Office Each Day In Someone’s Purse Or Briefcase?

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Tape Backup: Is your date truly secure?

For many years businesses have used tapes to backup their critical business data. Most businesses know that it is very important to get a copy of their data off-site so that if a disaster happens at the office, a copy of the data will eventually be accessible. But come on, does it make any sense for all of this important, critical and irreplaceable data to walk out of the office in someone’s purse … sit on their car seat while they get gas … walk around the grocery store and then get dropped beside a diaper bag or a bag full of golf clubs? I’m sorry, but that does not sound super secure … and it does not form the cornerstone of a secure backup plan.

One of the biggest questions business owner have is…

For small business owners, online backup offers protection from data loss … and prices for online backup are inexpensive

While online backup services are becoming increasingly popular, some business users still have nagging doubts about them. Are online backups really secure? Is data sent over the Internet truly safe?

The answer is yes. It is true that determined computer criminals can hack their way into a non-secured online database. But there are a variety of reasons why a hacker’s attack cannot jeopardize your online backup data, and even better reasons why your backup isn’t going to be intercepted en route.

Online Backup Solutions - Minneapolis, St Paul, Edina

Loss of data may force bankruptcy

“With new compliance issues, data growth, and recent security breaches, the need for companies to back up their data against file corruption and data loss has increased dramatically,” says Albert Metais, CEO of Steelgate Technologies. “Typically, if a company loses their data for more than 10 days, they end up filing for bankruptcy.”

The new options that are available to small businesses to safeguard their information are long-term, and are moving off-site through backup solutions that are automatic and online. Even though backups can be crucial to long-term business success, they may not be consistently performed if the process is too complicated or time-consuming. That’s where automated online backup can plays an important role.

Online Backup Solutions - Minneapolis, St Paul, Edina

Online backup IS secure!

Online backups function through an application installed on each desired computer in the business network. While some do their job virtually in real-time — saving backups as files change throughout the day — most can be set to back up data automatically at specific intervals throughout the day or week.

Data is encrypted before ever being sent across the Internet, and many online backup systems are using a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm because it has never been broken. The 256-bit AES is currently considered the gold standard of encryption and renders transmitted data virtually immune to theft.

Any thieves who might manage to tap into the data stream while it’s en route would be unable to decipher the bits without a copy of the user’s decryption key, which is kept separately from the encrypted data. In addition, encrypted data is scrambled once again as it goes out by using the same kind of secure connection that online merchants use for moving credit card information.

Online backup provides affordable options for small businesses

“I think online backup is a terrific option, particularly for a small to mid-sized business,” says Steve Lewis, CEO of Teneros. “You’re getting basically a Fortune 500 quality infrastructure managed by good people.”  And what about security concerns? “The real question is: Is your data that valuable? When your data and my data are sitting in an archive with 50,000 terabytes of other people’s data, is yours really going to be the one that a hacker searches out?” he says. “It’s highly unlikely.”

The combination of disk imaging and online backup
starts to form a tremendous formula for an awesome backup plan