Backup Solutions:
Protecting your Data in Minneapolis and St. Paul

You are well aware that protecting your company’s data with a dependable backup system, and protecting your overall computer network is of crucial importance. But how do you distinguish technology hype from reality? How do you know what backup solutions are cost effective … and which ones are just over-kill?

Imagine Backup is an all-inclusive system for backing up your critical business data, server and desktop operating system(s) and your server and desktop program files. Imagine Backup has many cutting-edge features that will not only run “continuous” backups of your servers on-site and off-site, it also clones your server, basically giving you a quick way to access your entire server if it crashes or goes down.

Imagine Backup Offers These 6 Vital Benefits and Solutions

  • 1. Backs up all of your data as On-Site Backup Appliance
  • Our on-site Backup Appliance totally replaces your existing backup system, while giving you several more layers of protection and accessibility. This appliance not only backs up your data, it backs up all executable files like operating systems, programs and applications. It does this by making a clone of your entire server, so everything is protected and backed up.
  • It also saves a copy of the data onsite for rapid retrieval of lost or corrupted data and documents, then transfers that data offsite as part of a heavily encrypted and very secure online system.
  • 2. Offsite backup
  • You no longer need to change tapes or take them offsite. Imagine Backup stores all of your data in a secure US datacenter, so the data is safe and quickly available. The backups are sent offsite at night, and the backup is incredibly fast, so it will not interfere with internet bandwidth.
  • 3. Frequency of backup
  • It runs a backup frequently throughout the day. The device is capable of capturing the data every 15 minutes…the choice is yours. The frequency you choose will depend on how often your data changes within your business.
  • 4. Acts as a standby server
  • Because the Imagine Backup device is actually a very powerful server itself, and has a “cloned image” of your server, it serves as a standby server for your network. If your server goes down the Imagine Backup Device can take over all of the functionality of your server … and it can do this in a matter of minutes. This cloned server will function as your network server for as long as it takes to get a new server ready for your business. One Imagine Backup device is able to clone multiple servers on your network. If you were to try and have a true “standby server” for your business, it would cost in excess of $10,000 including complicated software.
  • 5. Disaster Recovery (Business Continuity Plan)
  • Because images of all of the data, program files and executable files are securely stored offsite, the Imagine Backup device becomes the cornerstone of your Business Continuity Plan.
  • 6. Very Reasonable Cost (starting at $149 per month)Perfect Backup Solution - Minneapolis, St Paul, Edina
  • At this low cost you receive:
    • Onsite block-level backup of all data (data files and program files)
    • Secure offsite storage of data (reasonable additional fee per GB for off-site storage)
    • Frequent backups (every 15 minutes)
    • Serves as a standby server
    • Quick and comprehensive disaster recovery

Looking for more technical analysis of the Imagine Backup Device?

If you are an IT Manager for your company, or an owner who is interested in the more technical aspects of the Imagine Backup device, this information is designed for you.

On-Site Backup Appliance

  • Replaces your existing backup system.
  • Backs up Windows servers AND desktops.
  • Super fast “Block Level” disk-image backup of full partitions only, as often as every 15 minutes.
  • Backs up Exchange and SQL, and other databases.
  • Low CPU utilization of servers during backups.
  • 256bit AES Encryption on the appliance.
  • Flexible data retention policies.
  • Backup images can easily be converted to VMware / Hyper-V format.

Standby Server

  • During a disaster we can quickly mount a backup image of the downed server as a virtual server(s) on the backup appliance, with the same IP and Computer name.
  • Virtual servers can be booted in about 10-15 minutes.
  • While running a virtual server, backups will still take place.
  • If fire or theft, your data can be delivered within 12-48 hours.

Offsite Backup

  • You no longer need to change tapes or take them offsite, or even monitor your backups.
  • Firewall ports generally do not need to be opened.
  • Backups are sent offsite continuously or at night.
  • Backs up to a secure Twin Cities datacenter.
  • Can keep multiple archived data sets offsite.
  • 256bit AES Encryption for offsite transfer.


  • Point-in-Time restores for single files or entire partitions or servers.  After many days and weeks of backups there will be dozens of restore points available.
  • Exchange Brick Level restore (single mailboxes or messages can be restored).
  • Full partition image restore.
  • Bare metal system restore to dissimilar hardware.
  • Entire desktops can easily be restored in minutes where it used to take hours.
  • Understanding disk imaging
  • “Imaging” a hard drive is very different than a tape backup solution. It’s disk oriented instead of file oriented so the imaging software in essence, copies the entire hard drive.  This means that an image captures everything at the moment that the image is created.  Many professionals call the image a “snapshot” because it is much like taking a picture of everything on the drive at one point in time.  If a data server goes down or files are accidently deleted, with a disk backup you can simply look at a snapshot from 15 minutes ago, and recover everything perfectly up until that point!
  • Data Backup Solutions - Minneapolis, St Paul, Edina class=

    Business Continuity

  • How good is your Business Continuity Plan?
  • Here you’ll learn how to build a business continuity plan around your data backup, that will get you up and running in the event of a disaster — big or small!
  • What makes a “Fool Proof” backup strategy?
  • Here you’ll learn the components of a comprehensive plan for backing up all of your company’s data files: data and programs.
  • Is online backup truly secure?
  • Online backup is one of the most convenient forms of backing up files. Instead of storing your data files on just tape or disk, you send your data over the internet.  But is it truly secure? Here you will learn the details of how online backup works, how it is secured and whether it is a viable option for your business.

When is the most cost-effective time to upgrade your technology?

It is always a difficult situation deciding when is the best time to switch over to the next level of technology … and data backup is no exception.  But, with data backup that decision is pretty easy … the time is now! With the combination of Onsite, Online and Disk Imaging Technology, you get almost a fool-proof and affordable way to protect your network and your data.