Top IT Tools and Tech Trends for SMB’s in 2021

In this article written by Adam Lovinus from Smart Buyer, he explains that during these unprecedented times SMBs are utilizing these IT Tools and technologies to stay productive and competitive in 2021.

In the article, Adam explains that technology will be called on to address the problems that came to light during this pandemic.

The Internet of Bodies (IOB)…Super cool, but sorta scary

The Internet of Bodies (IoB) is one of the coolest technologies to come from the development of the Internet of Things (IoT).  It is cool when machines and devices are connected to the internet, to each other and to thousands and thousands of other devices … but when it comes to our bodies, this “connection” takes on a completely different meaning!

What is the Internet of Bodies (IoB)?

The Internet of Bodies (IoB) refers to devices placed or implanted in or on the human body.