Employee Spotlight – Kevynn

This month we are highlighting Kevynn, one of our newest service desk team members. She has accepted the role of chief cat herder. Just kidding! Working as a medical assistant she learned very quickly to manage a lot of moving parts and so she was a natural fit with triaging and scheduling on our service desk and is already excelling in the role of Service Dispatch Coordinator.

Kevynn, was born and raised in Elko/New Market and went to school in New Prague and still lives nearby with her partner, Matt, and their two children Lucy (10) and Jude (5). When asked where the name “Kevynn” came from, she said her Mom was watching the news, while in the hospital, and fell in love with the name after seeing reporter Kevyn Berger on TV but added the extra “n”. Her Dad came in and handed her a baby name book and said, “are you sure”? Kevynn said her family has a “thing” with different names in their family.

When not juggling all of the balls in the air on the service desk and managing the locker room, Kevynn and her busy family spend as much time as they can at their cabin near Park Rapids. They enjoy being on the lake, fishing, camping and doing pretty much anything outdoors.

We’re delighted to have Kevynn on our team and we hope you get the chance to chat with her soon!

Here are some of her FAVES:

Movie – Drop Dead Gorgeous
Food – Hibachi
Children’s book – I Love You Forever