Want to be Happier?

Do you have an intentional plan for doing so?

If you are new to Imagine IT or have been following us for any length of time, you are aware that "Happ(i)ness" is an important part of our culture and something we as an organization focus on.

We even have a Happ(i)ness Team dedicated to helping our employees and partners get more out of their work and personal lives.

Recently, we came across an article in Inc magazine titled: "Want To Be Happier? Science Says a Little Time Leads to Significantly Greater Life Satisfaction."

We wanted to give you some quick insights from this article, with a link to the full article if you are interested.

Also, we wanted to share with you a very insightful talk our co-Founder Marc Miller shared with his followers from The Gunnar Project.  The Gunnar Project is a non-profit founded by Marc that has talked with and assisted over 5,000 young adults on their journey.

First, let's talk about how buying things won't make you happier, but buying time can!

In a 2017 study, the article explained that researchers surveyed thousands of people who paid other people to perform tasks they didn't enjoy or didn't want to do, like mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, or running errands.

Unsurprisingly, people who were willing to spend a little money to buy a little time were happier and felt greater overall life satisfaction than those that did not.

To prove their point, some participants in the study were given $40 and told they had to spend it on any item they choose. Then, a second group was given the same $40 but was required to spend that on freeing up their time.

You can guess the result:  When the participants bought time instead of things, they felt happier, less stressed, and more satisfied.

So in short, doing something you enjoy, doing something you want to do with the time you bought, is when money can buy you a little happiness.

To read the full article go to this link:  Want to be happier? Buy a little time

Happ(i)ness    by Marc Miller (Co-Founder of Imagine IT & The Gunnar Project)

Everyone wants to find happiness - in fact, every decision that we make is made to make us happy or bring us happiness.

In 2016 we at The Gunnar Project talked with over 3,000 young adults about happiness, and we confirmed that happy with a "y" is pretty different than happiness (happy with an "i").  There are some very interesting paradoxes surrounding happiness:

  • happy is not the same thing as happiness (although people use the two words interchangeably)
  • everyone says that they want to be happy (but very few people have an intentional plan for doing this)
  • the sources of our happiness are very obvious (but a lot of the literature surrounding happiness makes finding it difficult, complex, and complicated)
  • happiness is a journey, but most people treat it like it is a destination (missing the beauty of the journey along the way)

These are some of the ideas that The Gunnar Project is exploring and sharing with others.

Each of us needs to intentionally pursue happiness every day.  We know that we want to do it in our hearts, but the "noise" in the world has made it somewhat difficult to know what to do.

So enjoy the moment - enjoy the journey to a life that is fulfilled and worthwhile.

If you would like to get more insights on how to learn how to bring more Happ(i)ness into your life or your child's life, go to this link:


The Gunnar Project:  Happ(i)ness)