How Being Productive Starts with Doing Nothing

Productive people make time for doing absolutely nothing!

There is a common misconception that productivity is equivalent to being busy … when they are not one and the same.  In fact, recent research shows that you should carve out time in your life to do nothing!

Being productive can feel exhilarating.  It can provide a rush that energizes you, inspires you, and motivates you. Productive people pursue and achieve their goals.

But productivity is not about merely being busy!

Setting yourself up to be super-busy doesn’t necessarily lead to productivity gains. It can simply mean that you’ve overcommitted yourself, and this over commitment can lead to stress.  It is important to make time to step back and gain perspective.  These times of reflection are the opposite of busy, but most people find themselves more focused and able to accomplish more following them.

Working harder and longer is not necessarily the most productive way to get things done. Unfortunately it can lead to burnout, stress, insomnia, health issues, and frustration. This pursuit of more, more, more can lead to serious issues.

Taking a timeout for nothing

Now and then, a well-placed “timeout” can be extremely useful. Most productive people place importance not only on being productive but also put a high value on “doing nothing” so they can be energized through the day and more efficient when launching into their most critical tasks.

 10 Reasons why productive people make time for nothing 

  1. Doing nothing gives them perspective.
  2. Doing nothing gives their bodies time to catch up on rest.
  3. It leaves room for something new to come in.
  4. Their creative fires are fueled.
  5. Their minds are quieter.
  6. Being motionless allows our nervous system to rest.
  7. Resting the body releases tension, which makes them able to endure longer days.
  8. They mediate and find clarity and calmness, alleviating stress and re-activity.
  9. They know if they do not take to relish in their accomplishment, productivity has no real value.
  10. They understand the power of saying “no.”

Build times of Rest and Recovery into your days!

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Why Most Productive People Leave Time for Doing Nothing