Drones are annoying and super cool!

Sooooo Annoying!
You are walking along the beach listening to the waves and feeling the sand beneath your toes.  Peace and tranquility surround you…and then you hear the “zzzzzeeeeeeeeeee“ from someone’s drone whistling above you.  Good grief … incredibly annoying!  And likely to get a lot worse before there are some rules/laws that govern where drone enthusiasts are allowed to invade public/private space.

On the other hand …

Soooooo Cool!
A few weekends ago, a volcano named Fagradalsfjall (pronounced just like it is spelled ??) near Iceland's capital erupted.  It is the first time the volcano had erupted in 800 years.  People in the region had been anticipating this for several weeks, and luckily, no one was hurt as a result.

Bjor Steinbekk fired up his drone and filmed some incredible footage of the volcano and the molten lava that spewed out of it.  The drone gives us a perspective that we have not seen before and would probably never see if the drone had not gained such popularity…the lava spewing from Fagradalsfjall is absolutely amazing.

To view this staggering drone footage, click on this link:

Drone Footage gets incredibly close to an Icelandic volcano eruption

Additionally, a Livestream has been set up to allow people to observe the volcano online. It's currently still broadcasting. Here is a link to the Livestream of the volcano:

Live from the volcano