Working Remotely: Mental Health and Well-Being

We are all a bit tired of hearing about and talking about the Pandemic and COVID-19. Many are not taking stock of their mental health and well-being during this incredibly difficult time.
The Center for Workplace Mental Health has put together a 4-page guide to help maintain good health and strong mental wellness during this time.

Here is a quick recap of the guide:

8 things you can do to maintain your health and well-being

1. Keep a regular schedule: Create and maintain a routine and regular schedule. Set up a designated space for you and each family member to work and learn … and consider limiting your work to these specific areas.

2. Stay connected: Stay connected with family, friends through support systems like Facetime, Teams, Zoom, Google hangouts and use the video options. Seeing a smiling face on the other end of the call can make all the difference.

3. Keep your immune system strong: Eat healthy food, wash your hands, drink enough water, exercise every day, and get outside to get some fresh air.

4. Exercise and stay active: Exercising is one of the best ways to fight down times and can help keep depressive thoughts at bay.

5. Limit media consumption: Limit continuous exposure to news, media, and social media that may trigger negative or angry thoughts.

6. Set boundaries on work schedule: Work reasonable hours and set a schedule as if you were going into the office or workplace.

7. Get fresh air: Go outside every day for a brisk walk, or at the minimum, soak in the fresh air for 10-20 minutes.

8. Distract yourself with things you love: Leave time every day for things you enjoy, like sports, hobbies, reading, games … whatever can distract you and redirect your energies.

How do you manage your mental health condition during this challenging time?
• Continue treatment and medications
• Responding to symptoms of COVID-19
• Recognize warning signs and trigger
• Stay connected with communication & meeting tools
• Recognize the impact of isolation & loneliness
• Encourage online training
• Engage your support network

This simple but insightful health guide gives a good summary of ideas to help support remote workers … and includes links to additional helpful and reliable resources.

To read the full guide, go to this link:
Working Remotely During COVID: Your Mental Health and Well-being