“You’re on Mute”…Video Conferencing in 2021

“You’re on mute!”

This is a very popular meme … it is on T-shirts and is something we have all heard more than once over the past year!  A large group of workers are doing their work from home.  Video conferencing is a critical part of this work.  It has become an integral part of our lives right now…and it does not look like it is going anywhere any time soon.

We just had an awesome company holiday party last month … and it was a totally virtual experience.  Team members ordered food from GrubHub or UberEats.  We had holiday gifts delivered to homes with a group opening of gifts online.  We played Bingo together and did other games…and we participated in an annual review of 2020.  Overall it was a super fun event, but being online made it quite a bit different.

The Zoom Holiday Party

It was also interesting because as technology providers we are big fans of Microsoft, but we decided to use Zoom as our video conferencing tool for our 2021 Holiday party because it had some features that we felt were better suited for the party.  There are lots of good options for video conferencing platforms and choosing the right one is an important decision.

Therefore, we wanted to share with you this article by DGI. It gives a great description of the top video conferencing tools you might consider.  We still feel that Microsoft Teams is the best tool for day-to-day use, but the others might be good in different situations.

The TOP 7 Video Conferencing Choices (February 2021):

  1. Microsoft Teams
  2. Zoom
  3. GoTo Meetings
  4. Skype For Business
  5. ezTalksMeetings
  6. StarLeaf
  7. Cisco Webex

Learn about specific characteristics of each platform – strengths and weaknesses.  Enjoy!

The 7 Best Video Conferencing Software Platforms in 2021