Employee Spotlight – Adam K

This month we are proud to feature one of Employees who just celebrated his 5-year Anniversary with Imagine IT! Adam Kimmer! Adam may not be a familiar face or name for you – despite his tenure with us – his role has largely been behind the scenes in our Network Operations Center, where he keeps all of our Partner’s backups up and running! He also has been working diligently on recent Security Shield project ticket items.

Adam’s work history includes being a Navy sailor working on nuclear propulsion, and he worked for many years at First Ave as a bouncer, bartender, floor staff, stage crew/production, you name it – he did it! He has a passion for music (live and otherwise) and for Travel. Prior to COVID, Adam and his beautiful wife and fellow travel adventurer, Heidi, took an amazing trip to Iceland! They got to sleep in a bubble under the lights of the Aurora Borealis in Hella, Iceland. They love to go hiking, kayaking, camping – any outdoor activities really! Their next adventure (once COVID is behind us) will be a trip to Thailand! For now, they will just content themselves with daytrip hiking adventures within Minnesota or staying home to cuddle with Maine Coon kitty, Lola, or Chihuahua, Ellen (named after Lt. Ellen Ripley from Alien – one of Adam’s favorite movie series).

Adam has a passion for cooking and eating amazing food! He loves to make comfort food (pot roast, tacos) and loves to bake bread. He is also very artistic – he loves to paint, draw, and he does amazing artistic pictures/sculptures made entirely of seashells. An avid reader, Sci-fi is his favorite night-time genre for reading.