Top IT Tools and Tech Trends for SMB’s in 2021

In this article written by Adam Lovinus from Smart Buyer, he explains that during these unprecedented times SMBs are utilizing these IT Tools and technologies to stay productive and competitive in 2021.

In the article, Adam explains that technology will be called on to address the problems that came to light during this pandemic. And IT experts expect technology choices and purchases to be driven by the needs of a full or part-time remote workforce.

Look for these 5 technologies or IT tools to be important in 2021

According to Adams research, there are 5 technologies to be on the lookout for in the next year.

  1. New Laptops powering productivity

To quote from the article: “According to the 2021 State of IT Survey by Spiceworks, laptop computers will be the number one hardware purchase for companies of all sizes – from enterprise on down to SMBs.   

  1. Office applications for a remote workforce

The article explains that with the end of support for Windows 7 and the expiration of Microsoft Office 2010 happening in 2021, companies will certainly be looking for Microsoft Office 365 to make a huge collaboration difference this year.

  1. Remote work for the long haul

As the pandemic continues in 2021, many companies have adopted a long-term work-from-home policy.  Companies IT staffs have been asked to meet the challenges of supporting a remote workforce, and their IT support companies will be challenged to do so as well.

  1. Adoption of the Internet of Bodies (IOB) technology

IOB technology includes an ever-increasing array of devices that combine hardware, software and communications that can track health data, enhance bodily comfort, function, health, and the well being of the employee. 

  1. Mobile devices with 5G

5G technologies have been all the rage for the past year and were especially hot right before the pandemic started. The next generation of 5G wireless technology is anticipated to be widespread during 2021.

The coming year will be challenging for all SMBs, but technology will be a way that companies hold on to market share, increase productivity, and increase profits. These are just 5 of the technologies and tools you have at your disposal.

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Top IT Tools and Tech Trends for SMBs in 2021