Employee Spotlight – Kristen

This lovely lady hardly needs an introduction since she’s our ray of sunshine at Imagine IT, but we would love for you all to get to know our favorite Princess Buttercup a little better. Kristen, otherwise known as KC, has been with us for nearly 8 years. She’s worn many hats at Imagine IT and is currently rocking on the Project team keeping everything running smoothly as their Project Coordinator. We may need to update her title to Project Goddess soon!

Being born in Pittsburgh doesn’t automatically make you a Steelers fan, but she’s a 3rd generation Steelers fan, so she bleeds black and gold. She’s lived in Ohio, Pennsylvania, England for 6 years, Minnesota and a year ago she moved to Atlanta, Georgia. She’s closer to family, enjoying the moderate temps and has been working remotely for Imagine IT ever since. With the recent cold temps and early snow fall, the moderate climate sounds pretty nice! When can we all move in?

If you know KC at all, you know she is obsessed with knitting! She’s been knitting nearly every day since 2007 and a few of her favorite yarn shops have hired her to complete intricate patterns so they can have examples on display. She has often said that knitting keeps her sane and is very calming so you can imagine she’s been knitting up a storm during the pandemic!

Kristen’s family is originally from Sicily, so of course she loves baking and cooking.  We were always delighted when an Italian feast showed up at the office or one of her dessert creations! We sure do miss those days now that she’s in Atlanta!

Maybe not widely known that KC is a huge movie buff.  She loves sci-fi, fantasy, action and horror films but is a huge Deadpool, aka Ryan Reynolds fan.  How can you not like Ryan Reynolds?  The Princess Bride is one of her all time favorite movies too, which is how she earned the Princess Buttercup title.

Other fun things Kristen likes to do is collect decks of playing cards from all over the world and fountain pens!  Most of us can attest to this…she is a fountain pen junkie.  Working for a technology company typically means you’re a video game nerd…and KC doesn’t fall too far from that tree.  Her favorite game series is Ratchet and Clark.  Good thing for Google so this old lady could figure out what Ratchet and Clark was.

We sure miss having Kristen in the office because she literally is a ray of sunshine.  Plus she gives the best hugs!  Boy oh boy do we all miss hugs or what?  Dang pandemic anyway.  You can bet I’ll be first in line for a KC hug as soon as this mess is over!

Here are some of her faves:

Favorite Food: Wood fired pizza

Favorite Music: Broadway musicals, Johns Williams & Hans Zimmer's soundtracks

Favorite Travel Destination:  Italy and Hawaii are on the bucket list and Chester, England at Christmastime is simply magical

Favorite Dessert: Apple pie or crisp served cold

Favorite Fountain Pen: Parker 51