Are Office 365 & The Cloud Truly Secure?

Are Office 365 & The Cloud Truly Secure?


If you are an SMB organization and are using Office 365 and its cloud-based tools, it is normal to have concerns regarding cyber-security and keep your company protected. And that is especially relevant if you are in healthcare, manufacturing, financial or professional services, which are the most hacked industries on the planet … with healthcare being number one!

Is the Cloud Secure?

The term “the cloud” supposedly was first mentioned by Eric Schmidt from Google in 2006 and has been confusing people ever since! In the simplest terms, “the cloud” refers to storing and accessing data and programs, through an internet connection, and not on your own computer’s hard drive. That data is not being held in some mythical “cloud,” it is being stored on someone else’s physical serv, not yours. It’s that simple!

How does Microsoft secure Office 365?

Is Office 365 secure? From a Microsoft standpoint, yes, very secure! Microsoft spends a billion dollars a year securing this product and has over 60 million people using the platform. Also, with integrated cloud technologies, they are providing a host of new security solutions, including email encryption and threat protection.

Also, the physical datacenters that Microsoft owns and where your data is stored have multiple layers of security, including biometric scanners for entry, and the workers themselves are unable to access the data, which is known as “role separation.”

Microsoft must deal with 7 trillion threats a day, a number that is hard to comprehend. So, they are constantly spending billions of dollars to protect their products, including Office 365. If they don’t, they will lose major market-share!

In many ways, cloud-based platforms like Office 365 are more secure than on-premise systems

Microsoft has over 3,500 global cyber-security experts working together to help safeguard your data. Also, cloud service providers have a significant investment in their security expertise, have highly secured physical access points, and offer redundant services, so your mission-critical data is always available.

But that being said …

You can’t simply rely on Microsoft to protect your Office 365 platform!

Office 365 security is one thing; Microsoft does a great job protecting your cloud-based platform and the storage connected to it. But your organization is not just Office 365. You have other critical systems and cyber-security concerns that need to be addressed for your entire organization.

Cyber-security is much more than just protecting Office 365

You have all of your company’s data stored somewhere, you have online services, employees bringing their own devices (BYOD), cloud storage, and other services that may store data elsewhere. It is critical that you not only secure Office 365, but you understand your risks and build a cyber-security strategy on how to protect your entire organization