Employee Spotlight – Nate


Many of you have probably met Nate…and if you haven’t… we feel bad for you! Nate is one of those awesome guys you want on your team. Nate has been with us for many years but started out at this cute little tech shop in Northfield, MN that we acquired. Have to say that he was the best part of that deal! Nate worked on the service desk for a while, then morphed into field tech and has been rocking on the project team for a few years now. He works on all of the cool projects and the down and dirty ones too…server migrations, virtualizations, cloud exchange email migrations…you name it…he does it and does it well.

Not only is it awesome to have Nate on your work team…he’s the life of the party at company events. He brings out the fun side of people and can also do a mean crappie flop! His recent home purchase has him a bit more domesticated these days. He’s doing dandelion mitigation, home improvement projects, building contraptions for one tree hammock camping and perfecting his beef tenderloin cooking skills. Here are some of his faves:

Music: Thundercat

Travel: Middle of nowhere with scenery

Food: Davanni’s BBQ Chicken Pizza