The war against malware is a never-ending battle. One of the most vicious types of malware is often referred to as “Ransomware”. Ransomware encrypts your files and/or hard drive and completely disables your ability to access your files unless you pay the ransom to unencrypt your data. There is generally NO way to unencrypt your data without paying the ransom, which is typically $300-$750. Your only hope of avoiding having to pay the ransom is that you have a good backup that pre-dates the time of the infection.

How does one get infected with Ransomware?

Typically a user clicks on a link in a phishing Email or on a link in an infected website. If the antivirus software does not block the malware the computer will become infected and a Ransom message will popup. Ransomware commonly spreads quickly to network drives.

How does one resolve a Ransomware infection?

Upon infection, immediately power off the computer and call Imagine IT technical support. Powering off is a safety precaution to try to stop the virus from spreading. Imagine IT will immediately initiate a scan of the network, and once the ransomware has been totally removed we will restore your server data from backup.

Please call Imagine IT technical support (952-224-2900) immediately if you think you have been infected with any type of malware, including ransomware.