WiFi Security

As you are aware, we are all at risk for our business and personal networks and accounts being hacked, whether it be passwords, credit card info, or information that would help identity thieves. Over the next number of months and years Imagine IT will make recommendations to continually harden network and data security for our Partners.

This Month’s Topic – “WiFi Security”:

Most, if not all of our Partners, utilize WPA2 security, which is a fairly secure encryption algorithm. However, it is not impossible to hack, and then there is the issue of when a user is terminated that the WiFi code should be changed. Solution? RADIUS. A WiFi system that utilizes RADIUS will integrate the WiFi system with Windows Server Active Directory. Therefore, for a user to gain access to the WiFi they MUST be an active user within the server. When a user gets terminated all that the network administrator needs to do is disable the user in Active Directory (the WiFi passcode no longer needs changing).

Please let us know if you are interested in implementing RADIUS for WiFi.