Portable Device Security

As you are aware, we are all at risk for our business and personal networks and accounts being hacked, whether it be passwords, credit card info, or information that would help identity thieves. Over the next number of months and years Imagine IT will make recommendations to continually harden network and data security for our Partners.

This Month’s Topic – “Portable Device Security”:

Like it or not, employees maintain corporate data on their business AND personal devices (Laptops, Tablets and SmartPhones). Most contain Email at a minimum, which in reality IS confidential data. So how do we protect these devices against hackers, loss or theft? All of these devices should be required to have Strong Passwords, quality Antivirus Software, Remote Wipe capabilities, and Encryption. This process starts by identifying which security solutions are required, and then creating a corporate policy and process for managing portable corporate and BYOD devices. Utilizing these combined processes and technologies is highly recommended for all portable devices.

Please let us know if you are interested in implementing a corporate policy for portable device security.