Password Management Systems

As you are aware, we are all at risk for our business and personal networks and accounts being hacked, whether it be passwords, credit card info, or information that would help identity thieves. Over the next number of months and years Imagine IT will make recommendations to continually harden network and data security for our Partners.

This Month’s Solution – “Password Management Systems”

One of the challenging aspects of using computers is the massive number of passwords that any one person needs to remember. And because of that, users tend to reuse their favorite passwords at multiple sites, and write down passwords in insecure places. A password management system allows for a secure and encrypted, Cloud based location for storing all passwords which can automatically fill in webpage and application login screens. These systems require two-factor authentication, and can be centrally managed for a workforce. Bottom line, a Password Management System will make your network more secure, protect you against terminated employees, and streamline the process of remembering passwords.

Please let us know if you are interested in this solution.